Andreas Schollin-Borg


Co-founder & CEO


Eight years ago, Andreas Schollin-Borg started Batmaid, a pioneering entrepreneurial venture that has established itself as the leading provider of home cleaning services in Switzerland. With a workforce of 4,500 cleaners across the country, and operations across 8 european countries, Batmaid is not just an online platform for connecting private individuals with cleaning services but also a dedicated employer. At the age of 16, Andreas Schollin-Borg embarked on his first business endeavor, selling caps, which ignited his entrepreneurial spirit. Following his father's insistence, he pursued a finance and ship trading degree from HEC Lausanne, followed by a Master's degree from the University of Geneva. He further honed his skills by studying at NYU. While residing in New York City in 2014, faced with a cluttered and unworkable apartment, he discovered a locally-based app to hire a housekeeper for cleaning services. The positive experience left such an impression on him that he decided to introduce a similar service upon his return to Switzerland. An integral aspect of Batmaid's operations is its commitment to combating the black market and providing rights and support to its workforce. The company strives to enhance the employment experience and foster a safe environment built on trust among employers, employees, and clients alike.

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