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The European Federation for Services to Individuals (EFSI) is the voice of the Personal and Household Services industry at European level, representing national associations, employers’ organisations, PHS providers and companies involved in the development of personal and household services, and currently operating in 21 EU Member States.

The personal and household services sector (PHS) includes a broad range of activities mainly carried out in households and related to personal assistance (early childhood and education care, childcare, long-term care in situations of dependence, disability, invalidity, etc.), broadly identified as “care-related services”, and to activities of daily living (cleaning, ironing, gardening, small DIY, maintenance, remedial classes, etc.) united under the term of “household support services”.

Established in 2006, EFSI is a membership-based organisation whose mission is to shape a more favourable environment for PHS industry in Europe, especially by improving the image and perception of PHS sector and promoting adequate policies in support of its development.

EFSI offers unique access to and engagement with European policymakers and stakeholders (trade unions, academic world, think tanks, NGOs).

Salon des services à la personne et de l'emploi à domicile

The "Salon des services à la personne et de l'emploi à domicile" is the essential meeting place for all those involved in the sector, whether they are private individuals, managers of structures or future managers of human services structures, candidates for franchising and home workers or job seekers who wish to work in this sector where recruitment needs are significant. This salon is organised since 2007.

The "Salon des services à la personne et de l'emploi à domicile" is open to private individuals, who will be able to obtain information, find out more about the collective agreement, the tax incentives available to them and the various forms of assistance to which they may be entitled.

It is also a professional exhibition, which allows the structures and future structures of the sector, managers, creators, candidates for franchising, to inform themselves and to exchange, to understand the stakes related to the great evolutions of the sector and to meet all their partners. It is also a major event for employment in the sector: current and future workers have the opportunity to meet potential employers.
Silver Economy Expo, the B2B services and technology for seniors trade show, is jointly organised.

Key figures about the "Salon des Services à la Personne et de l'emploi à domicile" :
✓ 226 exhibitors in 2021 (120 for Salon des Services à la Personne / 106 for Silver Economy Expo)
✓ 10 to 12,000 visitors on average