Guillaume Richard

Oui Care Group

Chairman & Founder


Born in 1973, Guillaume RICHARD graduated from EDHEC Business school in 1996. In 1999, he founded At Home, a company that will merge with Unipôles in 2000 and will then take the name O2. After unsucessfully trying to raise money, he had to take a job as a manager during 3 years. Most of his evenings, week-ends and holidays were then dedicated to monitoring his company. Mid 2004, Guillaume quited his job and Paris to move to Le Mans. 18 years later, O2 is the leading PHS (Personal and Household Services) company in France. The company provides various home services including housecleaning, ironing, child mending, old people care, disabled people car, gardening, etc. Mid 2016, after the purchases of France Présence and Apef, the holding of the Group is created and named Oui Care. Since July 2017 and the purchase of Interdomicilio, Oui Care is also operating in Spain, Portugal and Mexico. Assidom joined the Group in April 2018, Maison Eliya Paris end 2019, and Nounou Expert, the Silver Alliance, O2 Travaux, and La compagnie des lavandières are founded between 2018 and 2020. In 2021 and 2022, Autonomia and Wiplay music at home were created. Oui Care now includes more than 600 local agencies in France, half of them owned, half of them franchises. Oui Care is a fast growing group (20 000 employees ; total turnover of around M€ 400 in 2022). In the 5 coming years, the ambition of the Group is to double its turnover thanks to some organic growth, external growth, in France and abroad and by franchising some of its brands. Learn more :