Monica Moldovan

The Care Hub

Founder & CEO



Monica is the founder & CEO of The Care Hub (, a digital start-up providing medical and elderly care at home. On a mission to build caring communities for all ages, The Care Hub has a dual-purpose: to support people to grow old at home AND to empower older caregivers and nurses to stay active, even after retirement. So far, they delivered 25,000 hours of care to 350+ families and provided dignified work to 125+ caregivers and nurses in 5 local communities – with an outstanding NPS of 93.3. In 2021, The Care Hub embarked on the HEROES Project (, and age-inclusive platform for recruiting caregivers and nurses. Funded by the AAL Programme (Active Assisted Living Programme) and co-created and tested with consortium partners from Austria, Switzerland and Romania, the HEROES Platform will be piloted live in May 2023 in all three countries. An INSEAD MBA with a successful career in strategy consulting, Monica combines her business acumen with her passion for empowering seniors to build age-inclusive digital tools for the home care industry.